First Grade Learning Packet Lessons

These lessons were created by MES first grade teachers
to go along with the distance learning packets.

You can view each lesson by going to
and entering the code in the box labeled "STUDENTS."

(You do not have to create an account.)

 Learning Packet 1

Day 1 Code: KYOTX
Day 2 Code: KCVBD
Day 3 Code: IHKUB
Day 4 Code: FESKB
Day 5 Code: BNGYK

Day 6 Code: SWICE
Day 7 Code: TQYNM
Day 8 Code: VIWTZ
Day 9 Code: RWKGY
Day 10 Code: YATXN

Day 11 Part 1 Code: AKJFQ
Day 11 Part 2 Code: AKTYH
Day 12 Code: WERSI
Day 13 Code: FDPKA
Day 14 Code: BDAIR
Day 15 Code: IYMHC
Day 16 Code: IWYZU
Learning Packet 2 

Day 17 Code: VKNZD
Day 18 Code: RILKC
Day 19 Code: IXBAP
Day 20 Code: NBYEI

Day 21 Code: KSGVN
Day 22 Code: HQBFA
Day 23 Code: GONEM
Day 24 Code:               
Day 25 Code: ETDMG
Day 26 Code: WITGA